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OMT Consultants, Inc. We are All about People, Atlanta, Georgia

Vice President of Business Development

Tammy Swisher

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John Harris

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Over 16 years of loving what I do, which is helping people to make the right connections. I have a unique ability to put right people in key positions, which inturn makes them happier to form teams that outperform expectations. I have achieved professional results in client building by uncovering and developing leads, delivering effective sales presentations, and negotiating sales contracts.

Key Strengths:
* Understand client's future vision and business goals
* Instrumental in creating team-oriented processes
* Increase revenue while maintaining high customer satisfaction
* Identify, manage and resolve client issues
* Develop and implement strategic sales plans
* Encourage teams overall growth and skill sets

They say that business goes where it's invited, but it stays where it's appreciated. We appreciate opportunities to Earn Your Business.
P.S. Please don't keep me a secret. The best compliment we could receive is a referral from you.

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