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Tina Brown Chief Financial Officer

Tina Brown

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Tina is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the finance and accounting departments and ensuring the implementation of the day-to-day processes which safeguard the integrity of the company's fiscal data and accountability.

She has over 20 Years in the Communications Industry with experience in both National and International Businesses (working on-site in Australia, China, Europe, South and Latin America, and the Middle East.) Her involvement has included strategic development and implementation of technical and financial systems for startup firms, mid- size businesses, and large scale Fortune 50 multinational corporations.

Her career has evolved from IT engineering and Radio Frequency engineering (with an emphasis in GSM and SDN technology), to changing her direction towards the financial side of the business. OMT Consultants financial future is her passion. Tina's ability to bring together her technical engineering background and her strong financial knowledge ensures OMT Consultants growing financial future.

Tina earned a double Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Business, a Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering, and she is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Financial and Taxation Professional (CFTP).

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