Following Up After The Job Interview

After doing all the hard work of preparing for the interview, dressing correctly and being able to answer all the questions which the interviewer asks, the final stage is to follow up from the interview. Here are some of the best follow up tactics to use to continue to show your enthusiasm for the role.

Follow up with a well thought out thank you letter or email.

A job interview thank you letter or email not only solidifies your desire for the IT job position, but continues the rapport you already built during the interview. Thank the interviewer for their time, re-express your desire for the job position, and reiterate why your skills and experience make you the right person for the job. When writing a thank you letter always remember to use their right title and spell their name correctly. Nothing is worse than receiving an email with the person’s name spelled incorrectly.

Send your thank your email right away.

Sending your thank you email that evening is ideal. You want the interviewer to receive the email in the morning so that they continue to remember who you are and you stay in the forefront of their mind.

Don’t be afraid to follow up with a phone call 3-5 days after the interview.

Ideally it is best to ask the interviewer in the interview when they expect to make a decision, but a follow up call is great way to further reiterate your desire for the job.

Do not burn any bridges.

You may have felt the interview did not go well or that the role was not for you. That’s okay. Continue your professionalism until the very end. You just never know what else can potentially come from that interview. There have been cases where the interviewer was impressed with a candidate and although they did not have the right skills for that particular job they created a new position for that candidate.

Don’t assume the interviewer doesn’t want to hear back from you.

The big misconception from candidates is that the interviewer does not want to be disturbed with follow up. THIS IS WRONG. Many hiring managers will observe the candidates who do follow up. Stand out from other potential candidates by making sure you follow through to the end.

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