How to Organize Your IT Job Search

Just as we need to be organized at work, we should treat our job search just as serious. We’ve all heard the phrase that a job search is itself, a job too. So treat it like one. One great way to keep your job search organized is to create an Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheet to track all of your job search activity.

Plus, if you’re receiving unemployment this helps track your job applications, in case the state comes calling asking for proof of your job search activity. If you are in the midst of your job search, open up Excel and put your fingers to work ASAP. There couldn’t be any better advice. There are several reasons why this method helps during your job search activities.

  1. It keeps you on top of what positions and with what companies you’ve applied. This way you don’t crisscross jobs and apply more than once. That doesn’t look so good.
  2. The spreadsheet is a central location to save all the pertinent contact info for each job you applied for. This way you know exactly where to go to find contact info to do your follow-ups. This is much easier than searching through your emails to find everything.
  3. You know what dates you apply for each job. This looks impressive if/when you get calls from the recruiters or hiring managers. If they ask when you applied, you can reference your spreadsheet to find the exact date versus saying “I believe a few weeks ago.”